Victoria + Family | Dartmouth Extended family Photographer

I’m not sure if it is a by-product of COVID-19, but over the last two years, I’ve been asked numerous times to do extended family sessions, and I have to say I am very pleased about this new trend. I love taking pictures of these big families! Maybe it’s because I have my own kids now. It definitely hits different when I get to meet parents with their grown-up children who now have children of their own. It’s just great to be invited into see it all, even if it’s only a brief glimpse.

This was a pretty great occasion to have pictures done. One sister decided to move back home after spending a number of years out in Alberta. Now the group is complete and it really does seem like one big happy family. This was fun and relaxed, and so much cousin love. Hope I get to meet them all again!

S & I | Newborn | Halifax Newborn Photographer

I visited S & I at their home in Bedford, just a few weeks after the birth of their third child. A beautiful home, with an even more beautiful family. One of my favorite parts of family photography, especially in-home sessions, is a glimpse of the family dynamic. Mom and dad were laid back. Mom was lovely and just seemed so happy to have her little crew all together. The girls were gentle and loving to their new baby brother. The vibe the whole family gave off was really nice and I can tell there is a lot of love in that home! What a pleasure to be invited in to capture these important first weeks of bringing baby home.

M Family | Newborn Lifestyle | Halifax Newborn Photographer

I really loved this in-home newborn lifestyle session with the M family. We used just one room with a big window that let in soft natural light. You wouldn’t be able to tell from these pictures, but this family was just days away from a big move. The rest of their home was packed up in boxes! Mom and dad were so relaxed, and big sister was the most friendly little almost-two-year-old I had ever met…she gave me a hug as soon as I walked in their door! I’m so happy with how these turned out. What a beautiful family, and I wish them all the best on their new adventure!

Locke Family | Newborn | Dartmouth Newborn Photographer

One of my New Year’s resolutions professionally speaking is to post more here (with permission! of course). So here we are, with my first newborn session of 2022. It’s so sweet, to be able to meet these new, beautiful little people. I love chatting with mom and dad about their experiences with parenthood, so far. Anyways, a sweet little in-home lifestyle newborn session. We had some excited furry friends, a beautiful indoor home garden, a pretty chill mom and dad, and of course the star of the show, little V.

The Doirons | Family | Dartmouth Family Photographer

The Doirons are a beautiful family I had the pleasure of photographing for the first time this summer, in a new-to-me location! I met them in the morning at Shubie Campground, where we walked along some of the trails. I hope I get to take more pictures here, I love this little bridge! I have a feeling this spot will be gorgeous in the fall.

I loved the creativity during this shoot. Mom brought some cute floppy hats and a delicate tea set for the girls to enjoy a little tea party. I would also love to mention that mom is rocking a gorgeous vintage green skirt that was her grandmother’s.

Such a sweet session!