Caileigh | professional headshots | Halifax Headshot Photographer


My dear friend Caileigh. One of the most thoughtful people I know. She remembers the most amazing little details! Like the fact that we are a family constantly on the move, so for Christmas she bought us some locally made changing pads, for us to stuff in our bags to go! She has a beautiful way about her, and her smile can really light up a room. I’ve known Caileigh for about five years now, but I truly began to appreciate her once I had my son Joseph. See, Caileigh is a developmental interventionist and play practitioner who specializes in the use of play therapy for children. In other words, Caileigh is amazing with kids. My son loves her, and she has an incredible ability to relate to him. She was one of the first people he could identify in a photo album!

She loves her line of work as a play therapist with children, and even writes the occasional blog post on the power of play in kids. She needed a couple of headshots to use for her professional endeavours, and I was happy to oblige. Here is one of my favorite articles she’s written: Let Kids be Kids: Using Adventure and Nature to Bring Back Children’s Play.

Sadly (for my family!), but wonderful in so many ways for her, Caileigh has recently relocated to her hometown of Cobourg, Ontario. I’m so thankful for the time we were able to spend with her, and the friendship she has brought to our family. We miss her dearly, but I am always sure to send her little text updates with cute pictures of my kids, or things that they’ve accomplished. I always get enthusiastic responses, as if she is just as amazed with them as I am.

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