Kelly & Zach | Family | Halifax Family Photographer

In the midst of this uncertainty of COVID-19, you can’t imagine the relief and the joy it brings me to meet families, both old and new, and take their pictures. To know that kids go on being kids, and families go on being families, even in a pandemic. What happiness it is to meet Kelly and her family again; to see how they’ve grown and matured in this last year. And how wonderful it is to know that kids build tree houses and run in the forest, and get really excited about fungi. It’s also fun experimenting with headshots, as Kelly runs her own home-business as a Monat representative.

Carolyn & Jim | Extended Family | Halifax Family Photography

I was contacted for an extended family photography session at their property in Purcell’s Cove. The occasion was bittersweet: after 50 years, their home would soon belong to someone else. It was the right moment to have pictures done, so that they could hold on to a piece of their family history forever. Thank you for letting me be part of this!