Alex, Allison & Theo | newborn | Halifax Newborn Photographer

Halifax Newborn photographer

As I walked into Alex, Allison, and Theo’s beautiful home on a Sunday afternoon, I was happy to see a family gathering taking place. Apparently getting together on Sundays is a tradition this family loves to share. To me, sharing time and a meal with people I love is something I value so much. When I meet other people with those same values, it is so easy to make a connection!

I was even more pleased to see some familiar faces. I took pictures of Theo’s Aunt Natalie, Uncle Ken, and little Henry just a few months back! That beautiful little boy is now so bright and social. How amazing to watch babies grow!

How cool it was, to watch as Theo’s Nana got him ready for his big photoshoot, carefully swaddling him, chit chatting as her two daughters watched on.

We had some beautiful, overcast light streaming into Theo’s nursery, that was so carefully and thoughtfully decorated. Perfect.

And the little man was so good, to fall asleep and let us pose him in both his daddy’s and great-grandad’s baseball glove. What a special thing, to capture three generations of baseball tradition in one photo.

My heart feels so happy to see how little Theo is surrounded by so much family and love. How wonderful, that he will have a cousin his age to grow up with.

It was really special to have met these two families. I sincerely hope I get to see them again in the future.

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