Caitlyn & Edward | engaged | Halifax Wedding Photographer

When I met up with Caitlyn and Edward for their engagement session last summer, I remember what a beautiful day it was. Like, one of those summer days that make you want to get a scoop of ice cream, and stroll slowly along the waterfront, savoring a slow pace with no where to go.

I was pretty excited about this engagement session, because it was my first time photographing an engaged couple. I think it’s so amazing that I get to be part of their journey into marriage, first doing their engagement session, and then their wedding. What an honour to witness that transformation!

I loved how these two (ok, mostly Caitlyn) had so many ideas of fun places we could go to take pictures. It was a perfect way to spend a beautiful summer evening, strolling around in the Public Gardens and then down to the waterfront. In  between, “Oh, what about this spot?” and “This is pretty nice!”, it was so nice to chat with them and get to know them better. I always love that part of a session, when I get to know the couple a little bit. To see their dynamic and how they fit together.

Caitlyn is bubbly and upbeat, and Edward fits nicely next to her, with his realism and dry sense of humour, and seems pretty quick with a comeback. It was pretty fun to see them poking fun at each other! But, as with many men that I meet, he was so willing to be part of this whole process of dreaming and posing and imagining because he knows that it means so much to her. Our evening together was a bit dampened by a recent loss in the family, but it became even more evident how much these two mean to each other, and how important their relationship is.

I hope this couple is enjoying their summer, and I am eagerly awaiting their wedding in August!

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