Natalie, Ken & Henry | newborn | Halifax Newborn Photographer

I loved the drive to their beautiful home in Bedford. It was a grey and chilly day in December, the kind of wet cold I’ve come to know from Halifax. The clouds seemed low, and with it being the beginning of December, seemed like they might be ready to give us some snow.

I love the light from those cold, grey days in winter. Its the kind of quiet light that makes me want to snuggle with a blanket, tea, and a good book. But after meeting Ken, Natalie, and baby Henry, I also realized its also perfect for snuggling new little babies. 

Something that really struck me after meeting Natalie and Ken is that they take a lot of pride in the life that they have created for themselves. I commented on their beautiful floors, and Ken seemed so animated in telling me about them and some of the other updates they’ve made (I am a sucker for home renovations!). They decorated Henry’s room beautifully, with a really cool space-theme, and I loved hearing the stories of all the items they picked out for his room. They even had a signed picture of Chris Hatfield! I knew that they loved showing it off, which made taking pictures of the nursery a breeze. But most importantly, I could tell that they were so proud of their son. Barely even a week old, and these new parents were excitedly sharing about what kind of baby he is: how much he moves, how he sleeps, that he is already so strong!

Henry was perfect. Quietly awake for most of our time, but fell into a beautiful sleep just in time for the snow to start drifting slowly down outside. He let us pose him in the cutest little Christmas and hockey outfits. He did manage to pee all over the place, but only after I was done taking pictures! Well done little man!

What a beautiful family, and I really do hope I can see them again.

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