Erika & Brian | maternity | Halifax Maternity Photography

There is a lot about being pregnant that isn’t pretty or glamorous. I know this having gone through two myself. But there is something so beautiful about being pregnant that I just can’t put my finger on. The anticipation. The excitement. The new beginnings. Especially when it is the couple’s first baby, those last few weeks of pregnancy almost seem like they cast a spell, and everyone is holding their breath, just waiting for the baby to arrive.

Not to mention that baby bump is the perfect accessory and seems to look cute no matter what. 

Want to know what really gets me? When a man can look at his wife in a way that you know he sees that beauty too.

Like Brian. The way he looked at Erika, I knew that he thought she looked stunning.

This couple was really great. Laid back. Funny. Lighthearted. It was a lot of fun to spend a beautiful evening with them, enjoying those last few days of gorgeous weather.

Funny story. Behind the lens, I am also just as pregnant as Erika. In fact, we saw each other in the hospital, new babes in tow!

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