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Halifax Family Photography

On a hunch, I brought along some shelled peanuts for Isla, Leah and Martin’s 3-year-old. I wasn’t worried about John warming up to me; babies his age tend to smile easily. But having a 2-year-old myself, I know that learning to trust a stranger enough to smile isn’t easy for a toddler. About halfway through our time together, I showed her how to leave the peanuts out for the chipmunks and squirrels. Thankfully, our furry friends at the park were quick to respond, and it was so amazing to see Isla light up as they came right up to her!

When Leah contacted me to photograph her family, she told that her greatest hope was to capture the four of them doing something they love. She hoped that I might tag along like another family member, snapping away as they enjoy time together as a family. As the sun set low in the horizon, we enjoyed a beautiful summer’s evening, walking together in the park.

Being 8-months pregnant myself with my second child, it was so heat-warming and reassuring to spend time with this family. In our time together, Leah had nothing but positive things to say about having two children. I loved seeing Leah and Martin work together: to match Isla’s energy and curiosity, to snuggle and patiently watch over John.

We did get some really special posed family portraits,  but some of my favorites are the candid ones of Isla’s delight in feeding the squirrels, and John eating the peanut shells. Leah said it best: “They perfectly capture what our summer has been like this year.”

I can’t wait to meet this special family again.

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