Reyann’s Cake Smash | Halifax Family Photographer


I had the pleasure of meeting little Reyann and his wonderful parents on his 1st birthday. They were busy preparing for their guests, and wanted to capture their little boy digging into his Micky Mouse cake. I was immediately taken with Reyann. He has the most beautiful brown eyes and gentle demeanour. A lot of one year olds might be scared of a strange lady with a big camera in their face, but he just patiently stared at me! He even gave me some adorable smiles. He was also SO gentle in his cake smash! He slowly picked at his cake (as opposed to my son, who literally smashed his cake into his whole face!).

It was clear that his parents and friends love him so much. With most of their family still in India, Reyann would be surrounded by his closest friends in Halifax. I was so honoured when they insisted that I stay for lunch with them. So hospitable. Unfortunately, I had to decline, but I was so struck by their invitation.

Happy birthday Reyann! I hope this year brings you and your family so much fun and joy!

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2 thoughts on “Reyann’s Cake Smash | Halifax Family Photographer

  1. What a great set of photos. The all white background with just the child and his cake is inspiring. I will incorporate this style into my future shoots. Thanks, again


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