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Pamela, Nick, Clara, and little Eloise May. This is who I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours with on a weekend in July! I visited their home for a casual lifestyle family session, just five days after Eloise was born. Both Pam and Nick were laid back, fun, and so proud of their little family. They had a beautiful property, and we had fun picking different spots for the  family-photo-to-hang-on-the-wall (which of course…they nailed!). 

We also had fun trying to incorporate different props that held special meaning for them. One being a beautiful antique trunk that has been part of Pam’s family for a while. The other was a super cozy blanket that was made especially for Eloise. I love those little touches that make a session unique and meaningful.

Clara the big sister was wonderful and patient, and clearly beautiful! I especially loved photographing her and her mum. Clara was really eager to give her mom a kiss, which I thought was adorable. Until Pam uncovered her motivation: to steal her lipstick! Haha!

Nick is hilarious and was cracking jokes behind the scenes. I think my favourite pictures are of him and Pam holding Eloise. Although you can’t really see it, he is making faces at Pam, which of course made her laugh. So candid! She did mention his sense of humour is what won her over 😉

And of course, baby Eloise May. She was 10 pounds when she was born. I couldn’t get enough of those chubby little cheeks!

What a great day with the Horne family!
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