Project 52: Mountains

52-week photography challenge Banff National ParkMy trend in these challenges is not so much to focus on photographing specific things but to use a technique. I decided to scrap that for this week’s challenge simply because it’s not every day that I get an opportunity to take pictures of mountains!

Week11-4At the beginning of March, we were very blessed to be able to take a trip to Calgary Alberta for business. Fortunately, I have many friends on that side of the country and was able to mix in a little bit of pleasure as well!

Week11-2We arrived on Friday, and my good friend took us on a drive into Banff National Park. This will have been my third time venturing into the mountains, but it never gets old. They are so beautiful in their majestic raw beauty. Not to mention it was a gorgeous sunny day.

52-week photography challenge Banff National ParkCalgaryTrip9th-10

Project 52: High-Key Bloom

High Key Bloom

The challenge I did this past week for my Project 52 was to capture a high-key bloom, and I chose to do this one in the Easter season because Josh came home with a gorgeous Easter Lily that I knew would be  the perfect subject for this challenge.

High-key photography refers to a lighting style where shadows are kept to a minimum, if not completely non-existent. This typically requires lighting the subject against a white background. This type of photography is possible using natural light, reflectors, or flash, or a mixture.

For these first two pictures, the window is to the left. I have a white poster board taped to the wall behind the lily. I actually meant to use my reflector to bounce the natural light onto the right side of the flower, but I forgot! I think it turned out pretty well despite.

High Key BloomI liked the pictures taken in front of the poster board, but I didn’t like how the background looked more grey than white. I have to figure out how to fix that. More light maybe?

I really wanted the “blown-out” look, so I decided to use the same technique I used for the daylight portraits I did in a previous challenge. The picture below is actually taken in front of the window in my dining room!High Key Bloom


For all the pictures, I used an ISO of 100 in aperture priority mode at f/4.

In the Easter theme, here are 2 pictures from the festivities on Sunday. Easter-1


At the end of mass, Fr. James invited the kids to dance during the concluding song. Joseph loved seeing all the kids jumping and dancing. Plus isn’t he soooo adorable in his little bowtie?! Easter-2The beautiful altar with all those gorgeous flowers 😉