Project 52: Slow-Sync Flash

Can I just say that I am loving this challenge so far?  I mean it’s hard and requires some planning to make sure I actually take pictures, but I would never have thought to do these types of pictures in a million years!

Slow-sync flash is a technique in which a photo is taken in a dark space where the flash goes off but the shutter speed is slow. The effect is an illuminated subject with ambient light showing up in the background (because of the slow shutter speed). It can also create a really cool effect if the lights in the background are moving.

We tried this in the parking lot after church. My first attempts at selfies, didn’t turn out quite like I wanted. There needs to be enough light on the face to get the camera to focus. And I needed more lights in the background.

Week 2 (8 of 3) Week 2 (9 of 3) Week 2 (10 of 3)

On a night that Joe and Josh were sleeping (but I wasn’t. How cruel) I decided to get a little creative with the light trails. Here are some of my favorites. My brain is exploding with all the different possibilities I can do with this technique.

Week 2 (1 of 1) Week 2 (3 of 7) Week 2 (7 of 7)

Oh, I LOVE the way these turned out!

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